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How to Employ Quickbooks File Doctor in Quickbooks 2015 and Later Versions

The repairing software, QuickBooks file doctor, was integrated by the Intuit in QuickBooks2015 and other later versions.  The merging of the Automate mending software with QuickBooks system brought ease to the business owners, who faced problems while operating the application. Mainly, the file doctor is divided into two types that are: Internal File doctor and External File doctor. Both these kinds (of File doctor) are utilized, according to their specific functions. Suppose, if the user is unable to open the company file in the Multi-user mode, then a vast kind of errors will appear on the screen such as H202 error, H101 error and so on. To fix these issues, the user has to run the external file doctor and carry out other networking solutions.

Likewise, the internal File doctor is utilized when the stored data corrupt and later, results in damaging of the company files. For instance, the system displays a pop-up error message, starting from -6000 series. Then, the user can have difficulty opening the company file. To fix this problem, the user has to run internal QuickBooks file doctor. Thus, it can be deduced that both the File doctor types have certain pre-decided functions to perform.

Regardless of File doctor’s utility, the software has some requirements that the users have to adhere, in order to compatible the File doctor with QuickBooks system.

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QuickBooks Doctor File compatibility and system requirements?


1) The file doctor is compactable with US, UK and CA versions of QuickBooks.
2) To utilize internal file doctor, QuickBooks should be downloaded in the computer.
3) To fix up H202 error, the users have to run the external version of the file doctor.
4) The QuickBooks file doctor supports window 7, window 8, window 10 and server 2003-2012.
5) The file doctor will installed along with a diagnostic tool if .net framework 2.0 is not downloaded in the computer.
Therefore-mentioned information tells the functionality, compatibility and system requirements of the QuickBooks file doctor.

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