QuickBooks upgrade and everything it brought along

QuickBooks upgrade and everything it brought along

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QuickBooks is an accounting software which offers could services to the users to manage their finance. Most small and medium-sized businesses need assistance to keep them close to their taxes, accounting, finances, etc. Learning this need, Intuit introduced QuickBooks to offer financial stability to such businesses. QuickBooks can help people manage expenses and sales while keeping track of all business transactions at the same time. QuickBooks products are geared to help users with pay bills, payroll functions, tax filing, invoice and much more.


QuickBooks upgrade and other features are known to offer even more help to the users. QuickBooks upgrade introduced QuickBooks File Doctor to the users. QuickBooks File Doctor is a helpful tool for the customers as it helps users fix issues by themselves.

Using QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks often faces various issues which can disrupt the whole flow and functionality of the users. QuickBooks File Doctor can be automatically initiated if the system is facing any issues. Users can follow these steps to operate QuickBooks File Doctor properly.

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go to “File” then “Utilities” and open Network Problems.
  3. The QuickBooks File Doctor will re-launch with Admin rights.
  4. Click “OK” and “Yes” Windows UAC prompt.
  5. The built-in File Doctor will open by clicking on the green wrench icon.
  6. QuickBooks Admin username and password will be required after above steps.
  7. Click “Next” after making sure that File Diagnosis is selected in Advanced Settings.
  8. Following these steps will enable QuickBooks File Doctor and fix the system.

Next up is the QuickBooks Company File Repair

Company file is one of the most important elements in QuickBooks. With the help of creating a company file, users can easily manage all the financial activities of their business. QuickBooks is competent in handling pressures demands of the people. But the company file can often get corrupted. It is not hard to fix the QuickBooks Company file due to the latest QuickBooks upgrade. Here are some tips to help users figuring out the issues.

  1. Faulty reports.
  2. The sudden shutdown of QuickBooks while saving or deleting transaction.
  3. Pop-ups like ‘A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing.’
  4. Missing transactions and entries from Lists.
  5. The speed of QuickBooks becomes slow, and operations take longer.
  6. Paid bills and invoices show as unpaid.

QuickBooks file repair service can take care of the corruption of the company file. But it is important to know about the reasons behind these corruptions in QuickBooks upgrade. Here are some of the most basic reasons behind this corruption.

  1. Shutting QuickBooks down without closing the company file.
  2. Interrelated pre-dated transactions.
  3. Working in Register view of transactions.
  4. Use of generic transaction values to manage Undeposited funds.
  5. Blackouts, brownouts or power surges can cause a Hard Disk Drive to overwrite data accidentally.
  6. Bypassing Pay Liabilities to pay payroll liabilities.
  7. Use of Journal Entries instead of preferred data entry methods for Inventory, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Account Receivable.

In case the users are dealing with, they can contact the QuickBooks support. A team of technical professional will be at the disposal to fix all issues.

QuickBooks upgrade or convert the company file

The QuickBooks upgrade asks users to convert or create a new company file for the desktop version. Although it is quite easy, people might still find it a bit complex. For the users who own the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop, these steps might come in handy.

  1. Go to File menu in the new version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Select Open or Restore Company.
  3. Highlight your data file then select Open.
  4. Select Open a company file then Next.
  5. Go through the Update Company File and select “Update Now.”
  6. Back up the file by following the instructions.

Note: Save the backup in a safe location. It might come in useful in future.

QuickBooks upgrade is proved to be very beneficial for the individual as well as businesses. As long as QuickBooks customer support is available, the users can get assistance any time.

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