QuickBooks Online Payroll

What is QuickBooks Payroll and How It Use?

QuickBooks Online Payroll is an Added Value Service to the QuickBooks online software that offers a merchant with the facility to schedule and pay his/her employees salary.  Earlier it was called Payroll for QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks Online Payroll can be used by all the users of QuickBooks online. The Good thing is that it requires a very minimal effort to activate this service. It will take you just a few seconds to activate this service. It is built within QuickBooks online.

There is a tab “Employees” on the left side of the screen. Tap on the tab and you are ready to go.  Like other online payroll systems, you will need to create all the employees and enter the required info such as w-4, pay rate, frequency, and more to get started.

Now the question that must have struck your mind is why QuickBooks Online Payroll and not any other service.  There are ample reasons why experts around the globe are suggesting merchants go for QuickBooks Online Payroll service. The three main reasons include App integration, Accessibility, and the collaboration.

You can access QuickBooks online Payroll service from any remote computer. You just need an internet connection. It is a free service integrated with QuickBooks Online Payroll. Since this feature is integrated within QuickBooks, the user doesn’t need to create additional login details.  Free deposit service feature exempts you from generating employee paychecks.

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Uses of QuickBooks Online Payroll Service

QuickBooks online payroll saves you from the hassle of managing payroll at the end of every month.  It saves your time because it is currently the easier way available to manage payrolls.

There are two options for merchants who want to utilize QuickBooks online Payroll service. They can either opt for Full service or for the Enhanced Service to manage their payroll. With Full service, they can simultaneously pay taxes.

The advantage of using QuickBooks Online Payroll service is that it saves a huge cost as unlike QuickBooks Desktop, you won’t be charged a fee for direct deposit.

Your staff can easily access their paystub and their W-2s online. They can use that info to calculate their next paycheck.  This will save your time which you can utilize for working on your business.

The Good news is that you can access the service on your Smartphone as well, you just need to install an Application to use unlimited payroll runs.  QuickBooks Online Payroll service also helps you calculate garnishments, vacation pay, and other deductions. Thus this feature saves precious time for a merchant.


Most of the merchants who are using QuickBooks Online payroll service say they found it easy, simple, and valuable and a straightforward service. They say it has simplified their payroll process and saved their time and money.

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